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I found a scratch on the back of my shoulder. 
I don't know how it got there. 
Yes, I pick up my cats and yes they have their claws. 
But I wear clothes when I pick up my cats. Plus
Being winter I wear 3 layers of clothes in my house.
67 degrees is only comfortable outside without 3 layers of clothes.
I wear a loose T-shirt for sleepwear. 
Highly probable I scratch myself in my sleep.

This concludes today's unexpected poetic revelation.

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Just a quick blurb to keep this journal viable because LJ has seen better days and apparently been hacked by the Russians from what I hear, in their continuing effort to take over the US - not funny, I know. 

If I have recently followed you, feel free to follow back. I can't promise much, but one always has to keep their options open and seek alternatives. 

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Jun. 12th, 2012 10:12 pm
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And we have a "liberal" media???
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Heed the last paragraph: " But with their analysis moving into areas as sensitive as pregnancy, and so accurately, who knows how else they might start profiling Target shoppers? The store’s bulls-eye logo may now send a little shiver of fear down the closely-watched spines of some, though I can promise you that Target is not the only store doing this. Those people chilled by stores’ tracking and profiling them may want to consider going the way of the common criminal — and paying for far more of their purchases in cash."

Another way to prevent them lumping you in to a demographic is to not give an email or phone number when the cashier asks. Even if you're on a do-not-call list, if you have done business with a company in any form and they have your phone number, they can call you.

The only time I use my email with a company is if they offer a reward card and all they do is sell you food. I have cards to both Starbucks and Panera bread Company and don't mind if they have my email 'cause they send me coupons and free stuff! I suppose some people might think the same thing about Target sending expectant mothers coupons, but as the story illustrates, it boarders on invasion of privacy to collect data which leads to an assumption about an individual. The offers I get from Starbucks and PBC are benign and don't seem linked to my buying habits or I would only receive coupons for Italian Roast and venti Cafe Mochas! 

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 For some reason after I pasted that in, I couldn't add anything following the copy.

So. Paypal and Ebay basically have grasped sellers by the balls even harder, or tits, depending on your gender. If you want your money you have to use THEIR services which will cost you more than it would if you actually took valuable time out of your day and physically went to the post office. 2 items I shipped recently would have cost me nearly $2.00 each via Ebay/Paypal shipping function, when the actual USPS cost was 84 cents! Reason being that the USPS actually can charge you by the tenth of an ounce now, but the Ebay shipping function only lets you choose whole ounces. Also, if your package meets certain size restrictions, you can mail it cheaper. 

Of course they use their line about ensuring buyers get their items in a timely manner, rather than that age old truth-be-told "profit" motive. 

Selling on Ebay used to be fun. I've been selling and buying on Ebay since 1999. Maybe even '98. Yet I don't have enough of a selling history apparently to see that I receive my money in a timely manner. 

No wonder HP wants the ex-Ebay CEO, Meg Whitman, as their CEO. 

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 I find this extremely aggravating:

PayPal is committed to helping encourage fast shipping and consistent customer service from sellers so that buyers have a great experience when they shop. As part of this effort, for some eBay sellers who are establishing a successful selling history, funds from their eBay sales will be pending in their PayPal account for up to 21 days before the funds become available. This applies to items listed and sold on,, and

Ship to Fund
Your item sells on eBay
The Buyer pays you via PayPal
The money is in your PayPal account’s pending balance.
You ship the item to the Buyer.
The buyer gets their order and has some time to review it.
Funds are available in 21 days or sooner, as long as your buyer doesn’t report an issue.

Why aren’t my funds available as soon as my buyers pay?

Here are the most common reasons why:

  • You have a Below Standard seller rating on eBay
  • You have a limited selling history on eBay, which means that any of the following are true:
    1. It’s been 90 days or less since your first successful sale on eBay, or
    2. You’ve made 25 or fewer sales transactions on eBay, or
    3. You’ve sold $250 or less on eBay
  • We believe there may be a high level of risk associated with your account or your transactions. This can include risk that your account will have a higher number of eBay Buyer Protection cases, PayPal disputes, PayPal claims, buyer chargebacks or other reversals.

What can I do to help get my funds more quickly?

Typically, you’ll get funds in 21 days – even sooner if you follow good shipping practices:

  • If you print shipping labels through eBay or PayPal, funds should be available 3 days after we can confirm that the order was delivered. Your tracking information uploads automatically, and you’ll get funds to help cover shipping, too.*
  • If you ship directly using USPS, UPS or FedEx and manually enter shipment tracking information on eBay or the PayPal Transaction Details page, funds should be available 3 days after we can confirm that the order was delivered.
  • If you mark the item as shipped in My eBay but don’t upload tracking information, funds should be available 7 days after your latest estimated delivery date OR
  • If you don’t provide tracking information, mark the item as shipped, or the estimated delivery date cannot be calculated, funds should be available in 21 days.

Please keep in mind that it may take longer to get funds if your buyer reports a problem.

At what point will my funds be available as soon as my buyers pay?

The best ways to get funds immediately are to establish a successful history of selling on eBay and achieve and maintain eBay’s Standard, Above Standard or eBay Top-rated seller status by consistently satisfying your customers.

In most cases, eBay sellers with an established selling history and Standard or Above Standard performance rating in their eBay seller dashboard, or who are eBay Top-rated sellers, aren’t affected and will receive funds when a buyer pays.

*Certain restrictions may apply

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 I didn't have kids.

Sure don't need more citizens who lack empathy and can't relate to others but have good cognitive skills. 
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 I found this article extremely ironic to see in the same evening as on our local news I saw a story about how many people who qualify for food stamps don't apply, often because there's still a stigma attached to receiving benefits or because they don't even realize they qualify because they are working.

It's a pathetic nation in which our largest employer will not work employees enough hours in order to not need government assistance to even support themselves plus only 1 child. 

By gosh, if there's any Social security left by the time I'm 70, if I can qualify for whatever is handed out as food stamps then, I will be applying and using. I've paid my dues, thank you very much. 


Aug. 20th, 2011 09:53 am
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Probably more enlightening than the editorial are the comments. 

And all Obama can do is continue his pleas for unity and bipartisanship. History is going to look down on him as the wimpiest president. Until he calls out the hypocrisy from the other side of the aisle and especially among those Tea Party ultra-right Conservatives, nothing is going to change. 

We elected him to kick ass and take names. Guess he isn't ghetto enough for that. 
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 I suppose I should post here from time to time since more of my LJ friends have now discovered it. 
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 Will have to wait for next pay cycle to see how this really shakes out, but the new "stimulus" worked out to almost $14 more on my pay this period, which includes a week in 2010. Actually both weeks were in 2010 except for Saturday the 1st, but I guess that last week gets accounted in with 2011. Never understood that fiscal accounting BS. 

So I guess Social Security's not really in trouble if they can afford to give even a lowly salaried employee like me a discount of $30 every 2 weeks. My federal taxes went up by about $15, which was what the discount was on taxes for the past 2 years. Does this mean I'll get a bigger refund? Probably not. I barely get one now 'cause I'm smart and only claim enough so I'm not having to pay at tax time, but at least the government doesn't get to borrow much of my money interest free for a year. 

What happens when they need to put things back to "normal?" I'll tell you what - my raise for that year (probably next), provided my store is doing well enough for me to get a raise, will be mute. 

Decided I need to post more. Even if it's boring stuff. Or griping. You all don't mind griping, do you? 

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Unfortunately only one of them made the national news in the United States. While Gerry Rafferty had some unique hits on the music charts in the '70s, the other musician was, in my opinion and that of many musicians themselves, far more accomplished. Musicianship cannot be measured on a Top 40 chart.

British/Cyprian bassist Mick Karn passed away from cancer on January 4th. He played the fretless bass in a very unique way and although the nature of the instrument itself makes it sound different, Mick took the instrument where no one else could go, as creative, if not more, than renowned jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius.

John Taylor, bassist for Duran Duran, posted a wonderful tribute on their website. 

John Taylor remembers Mick Karn )

And here is Kate Bush with Mick, much better sound. Mick tells about the straps on her dress breaking! I'm providing the direct link so you can read some of the comments from people searching for these videos now that Mick has passed.

What a marvelous time we live in that I can share these performances with everyone. Please check out some of the related videos to the right of the page, one of the things I love about YouTube.

Mick was also a sculptor. He hosted a sculpture video in 1983. His playing can be heard as the background music. 

And he played other instruments and wrote marvelous music. Lastly, here is a beautiful song, "The Forgotten Puppeteer," which he wrote for his cat, Kashmir. 

May you never be forgotten. R.I.P. Mick Karn.  

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The Prince's AGT audition. Even Piers loved him.

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This is what you've been missing, although without the stripping. If you look past all the make-up and glamour, his is one of the best male opera voices I've ever heard. Yes, he's made it to the finals of America's Got Talent. His only threat really is an 18 year old guitar playin' singer, think Clay Aiken with teeny-bop sex appeal.

Prince Poppycock

Taylor Matthews

Music meme

Aug. 1st, 2010 08:20 am
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 I want to do this but don't have time right now. So here are my songs. Amuse yourself by trying to figure out which ones sucked! I'll post the meme and my selections later. Sorry for the suspense!

So, later now, let's get started!

 go here and change the year in the URL to reflect the year you graduated high school to get the top 100 songs of that year (or you know, when you were born, married, whatever you like best). Strike through the songs you hate. Bold the songs you love. Put the songs you like in italics. Leave blank those you don’t care about or don’t remember.
Top 100 Songs of 1983 )