Jan. 6th, 2011

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Unfortunately only one of them made the national news in the United States. While Gerry Rafferty had some unique hits on the music charts in the '70s, the other musician was, in my opinion and that of many musicians themselves, far more accomplished. Musicianship cannot be measured on a Top 40 chart.

British/Cyprian bassist Mick Karn passed away from cancer on January 4th. He played the fretless bass in a very unique way and although the nature of the instrument itself makes it sound different, Mick took the instrument where no one else could go, as creative, if not more, than renowned jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius.

John Taylor, bassist for Duran Duran, posted a wonderful tribute on their website. 

John Taylor remembers Mick Karn )

And here is Kate Bush with Mick, much better sound. Mick tells about the straps on her dress breaking! I'm providing the direct link so you can read some of the comments from people searching for these videos now that Mick has passed.


What a marvelous time we live in that I can share these performances with everyone. Please check out some of the related videos to the right of the page, one of the things I love about YouTube.

Mick was also a sculptor. He hosted a sculpture video in 1983. His playing can be heard as the background music. www.youtube.com/watch 

And he played other instruments and wrote marvelous music. Lastly, here is a beautiful song, "The Forgotten Puppeteer," which he wrote for his cat, Kashmir.  www.youtube.com/watch 

May you never be forgotten. R.I.P. Mick Karn.  


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