Jan. 7th, 2011

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 Will have to wait for next pay cycle to see how this really shakes out, but the new "stimulus" worked out to almost $14 more on my pay this period, which includes a week in 2010. Actually both weeks were in 2010 except for Saturday the 1st, but I guess that last week gets accounted in with 2011. Never understood that fiscal accounting BS. 

So I guess Social Security's not really in trouble if they can afford to give even a lowly salaried employee like me a discount of $30 every 2 weeks. My federal taxes went up by about $15, which was what the discount was on taxes for the past 2 years. Does this mean I'll get a bigger refund? Probably not. I barely get one now 'cause I'm smart and only claim enough so I'm not having to pay at tax time, but at least the government doesn't get to borrow much of my money interest free for a year. 

What happens when they need to put things back to "normal?" I'll tell you what - my raise for that year (probably next), provided my store is doing well enough for me to get a raise, will be mute. 

Decided I need to post more. Even if it's boring stuff. Or griping. You all don't mind griping, do you? 


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