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Local news station's coverage of President Obama's visit to the "tri-state" area.
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Am passing up the opportunity to see President Obama in town tomorrow. At one time I would have been over the moon to find out he was visiting here, but the shiny shiny has worn off. While I believe he's doing the best he can with a completely fucked up government, he's no longer my political idol. Don't think it's possible to have one of those and probably dangerous anyway.

I'm sure there will be plenty of people showing their support for him, although taking the trouble to stand outside in the chilly, rainy weather for tickets doesn't necessarily mean you support someone. I bet there will be plenty of "tea-baggers" there to wave their signs of protest. "Nobama-care," etc.

I thought about this the other day, how divided the country has been, not since 9/11, but since the war in Iraq. Almost every poll, even the little boxed ones CNN does on their website, are 50/50 on everything!

Why is it like that? Were things so evenly split in the '60s over Vietnam? I always see the Vietnam protests as having been led by people under 30. The older generations were all about duty. We've not had a draft in 40 years.

I'm very liberal about some things, and believe in individual liberty, but there is a price for all that freedom and it's coming due.


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