Sep. 19th, 2017


Sep. 19th, 2017 09:07 am
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 I steam cleaned my living room carpet yesterday with my new steam cleaner. The old one (at least 10 yrs) broke earlier this year so I've put off getting a new one (and carpet cleaning) all summer. One room down, 3 to go, if I do them all, but the cat room just needs a good vacuuming unless I find puke spots under the papasan chair. 

This may not seem like a big deal to others, but it is to me. I put off things like nobody's business. I usually do my carpet steam clean once in the spring and once in the fall. So yeah, a house with 3 cats and I haven't steam cleaned my carpet since last fall. I had been spot cleaning the messes, but then the cleaner broke, so it's just dry them up with a paper towel. Those of you with pets know what I mean. 

I also cleaned my kitchen counters yesterday because there was a spier by the sink and in order to kill it, I had to take everything off, so I was like, what the hell? That's what it takes for me to clean something. I need the help of spiders. At least they're good for something.

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 Not even sure what happened today. I felt like I needed a nap from the moment I got up, so I didn't do anything productive all morning. That I'll blame on low iron from my heavy period that started Sunday, something else no one tells you about peri-menopause. Then this afternoon I began having excruciating upper stomach cramps, like legit muscle cramps but up under my ribs. I looked up diaphragm cramps and got nowhere and various other versions of same. I took some Gas-X type stuff, thinking it was gas cramps, but they would not go away. I couldn't stand up straight, it was like a charlie horse in my gut! Hurt like hell, but it didn't feel like anything I needed to get myself to a hospital for, no shortness of breath, just these god-awful cramps like some muscle trying to twist itself. Lasted over an hour. I drank some water because if it's gall bladder related, that's supposed to help. I searched some more - damn, people ask the craziest shit on those medical answer sites - and came across stomach cramps being caused by certain foods and one of them listed was popcorn. I had eaten at least 2 cups, if not 3, of white cheddar popcorn earlier in the afternoon, as I didn't have lunch and by 2PM was hungry. Who knew? 

So no more of that! I laid down and after a good belch (which I'd been doing off and on without relief) finally felt better, so I don't really know what the hell, but at least I'm not sore. It hurt so much like a muscle cramp I was afraid I was going to feel like I'd done 50 sit-ups when it was over. 

How was your day? LOL



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