Round 5

Jul. 19th, 2010 09:22 pm
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There is a squall line of west to east thunderstorms from north of Champaign, IL clear back to Kirksville, MO. I'm just west of the middle. We've had round after round of thunderstorms and torrential rain today, almost 3" in my gauge, and will be hit with round 5 within probably the next hour or so.

Consequently I didn't go anywhere or do much at home today. I trimmed some weeds and unwanted small walnut trees in between storms.

There is a lake around the old oak tree in my front yard. High mph winds like some areas have received really scare me when we've had this much rain because that's what causes big trees to go over at the roots.

I considered watching Toy Story 3 online today, but am not comfortable giving my credit card number for some site like that, no matter how much they say you won't be charged for anything. I assume it's illegal to watch current release movies online as the copy was probably not received through legal channels. Anyway, there are too many online scams now to trust much of anything so I'll limit my online viewing to Hulu & Netflix or networks that have it, although most of those have their shows available via Hulu now. Except for CBS, which is being a stick in the mud as far as online content goes.

Great tornado warning near Kirksville, MO. Hope it stays over that way. Current storm paths seem to be going south southeast.


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