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It wasn't horrible although I lost my patience about 20 minutes in when it became obvious the people's kid was a plot device. I found it a little amusing that he was the Wesley Crusher of the show, even allowed to wander around the secret installation unescorted. What super secret installation would allow that? Geez. Then he goes and gets himself captured by the evil villain. That took real genius to write.

I pity anyone who thinks that was a great sci-fi show. I'm sorry LeVar Burton was involved, he didn't get to do much, diddle with some blue-screen displays and chase down a lady. Woo-wooo. He looks good in a white coat though.

And I was right about the product tie-ins and the number of Wal-Mart commercials. Commercials were basically Proctor & Gamble products such as Iams, Tide, Pampers, etc. And nearly everyone tied in to Wal-Mart somehow.

I could have been watching Star Trek 2009 form Netflix. Yes, I know it wasn't called that, but why it was simply called Star Trek I have no idea.
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I will watch LeVar Burton in just about anything. Projects he's involved with are usually outstanding. I don't even have kids and I was saddened when he ended Reading Rainbow. It was very valuable programming.

I don't believe I've even seen ads for this show however and almost everything I'm watching on broadcast TV right now is from NBC, namely America's Got Talent & Last Comic Standing. I did see that they are moving Big Bang Theory to Thursdays this fall. Yea!

Otherwise I'm a bit suspicious of Wal-Mart becoming a movie production company. The plot reads like every 5th episode of Eureka, which I love, and having watched every episode since Season 1, can tell you is perfectly family friendly and funny. Wal-Mart claiming there isn't enough family-friendly TV fare out there so they have to save-the-day is an excuse to make themselves more money in my opinion.

I think I'll watch because I've missed Burton on TV. He's the draw for me. But I'll start throwing things if there are too many product tie-ins. And I'm sure I'll be wishing I had a Tivo to skip all the ads. I can see it being one of those shows with a break every 13 minutes for 2 minutes of commercials.


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